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Learn how to build an inclusive, empowered brand, rooted in core values.

We work with brands and leaders who care deeply about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

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Learn about practices you can incorporate to help create more inclusive experiences for the people you work and collaborate with. 

Masterclass Topics Include:

Building Aligned Relationships

Our Roles in Creating Inclusive Environments

How to Be An Inclusive, Inspiring Leader

Inclusive Language and Messaging

Managing Discomfort When Identifying Bias

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Tools and resources to help you get started with identifying and defining your core values and connecting with your community.

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Masterclass: How to Build A Genuinely Inclusive, Welcoming Brand

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Choose the support you need to build an empowered brand, rooted in your core values, that elevates your community.

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Learn how to create engaging content and connect with your ideal community in this 3-day challenge from Crystal Lily Creative.

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Build An Inclusive, Empowered Brand That

Welcomes Your Community

Empowered Branding will help you create a community around your brand that welcomes and inspires others.

What Makes An Empowered Brand and Leader?

Empowered brands and leaders impact and inspire.

They disrupt the status quo by using their platforms and their roles to drive more than just business.

Empowered brands and leaders help lift others and promote core values, often tied to areas involving:

  • Philanthropy
  • Practicing inclusion
  • Community building
  • Advocacy and activism
  • Practicing sustainability
  • Education and empowerment

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A self-guided tool to give you what you need to create clear, connected, inclusive brand messaging; rooted in core values.


Do You Want To:

  • Connect with and work with people who feel like "your people?"
  • Build relationships and work with people who align with your core values and beliefs so you don't ever feel like you're sacrificing your boundaries?
  • Have a clear, concise brand message that speaks directly to the people who will work with and invest in you?
  • Create inclusive, connected messaging without worrying that your message and mission will be misunderstood.
  • Feel more freedom, fun, and power in your business?

If you answered 'YES!' to any of these questions, you're in the right place! Click the link below to learn more!

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Hi! I'm Crystal.

I'm a Photographer and Brand Consultant, specializing in inclusive branding. 

Many of the brands I work with are connected to the wedding and event industry, they're creatives, or they're coaches and consultants themselves. Those who choose to work with me are often people who identify as women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, or both; however all people who believe in equality and equity are welcome. 

We often share a common value: we want to use our platforms to advocate for things like philanthropy, inclusion, human rights and social justice, education, sustainability--ultimately things that help empower people and communities.

While I started my business as a wedding photographer, I made a shift in 2019 to work with impactful brands.  Combining my 15+ years of corporate experience with my creative passion, I created brand photography and consulting experiences to help business strengthen their brands by creating visuals and messaging infused with their brand story and core values.  

I believe that core values and beliefs are the soul of your brand and I use that philosophy to help you root, feed, and define your brand. This makes it feel easier to share your message and connect to people in a meaningful way. The goal is to give you the tools and resources to build an engaged community around your brand.

When we work together and you go through Empowered Branding, you'll follow my signature four-step process to ensure that you have the tools you need to build an inclusive, empowered brand you're proud of.

I want to see you transform and evolve your business!


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Learn about the signature six-step framework created to help you build an inclusive, empowered brand.

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